Become a Successful Pilot With Aamro Aviation

With a vision to become the best Pilot Training School in the United States of America, Aamro Aviation helps uphold and advance the highest standards of Aviation among aspiring Pilots.

With Aamro Aviation, an individual has the choice to become a Commercial pilot or even fly for leisure. We provide excellent facilities, equipment, and expert instructors to help every student fly with finesse and expertise. A Pilot trained from Aamro Aviation is highly ethical, disciplined and most importantly passionate about flying.

Aamro Aviation aims to mold aspiring students into responsible and skilled pilots. We realize that individuals are different and so is their learning style. With this thought realized, Aamro Aviation Experts trains students with new technologies, equipment, and training methods. Our expert trainers have cross-cultural and cross-generational skills to engage with students from all generations.

Diamond Aircrafts are carefully chosen and procured specifically for student training by Aamro Aviation. These aircrafts’ key qualities are excellent performance, top quality build, technical refinement and visual charm. In short, these aircraft are built to be champions. All the aircrafts at Aamro Aviation are IFR Certified with latest health status provided for each. At Aamro Aviation, safety and quality of the aircraft are given the highest priority. Our aircraft is subjected to inspection every 100 hours and are compliant with the necessary inspections. We ensure that our students are given the comfort and quality tools to achieve their dreams.

The fleet at Aamro Aviation consists of DA20s, DA40s, and a DA42.

The DA20s are sturdy, safe, reliable and with a cutting-edge design that has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the student has a beautiful panoramic view while Pilot training in USA.

The DA40s are an innovative and state-of-the-art design combined with a Garmin 430 and a 530 and Garmin 1000 for exceptional navigational guidance. Add to that excellent safety, best flight qualities, robustness and very high reliability making it one of the most preferred choices of aircraft for student pilot training across the world. US Air force trains their cadets on Diamond Aircrafts and hence we too emphasize on the best for our students.

The DA42 comes equipped with a G1000 glass cockpit, which means critical information is always at your fingertips and it improves situational awareness apart from various other safety advantages. You will never want to train in another flight after having experienced the beauty of the DA42.

In the United States of America, there is a rising demand for qualified pilots. By completing your pilot training with Aamro Aviation, you have the chance to become the most sought-after pilot and access to the best Job Opportunities across the globe.