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We love recruiting experienced and professional personnel with genuine interests in providing our students and clients with the ultimate flying education and experiences. If you would like to work with us, please email us your resume to [email protected] and we would get in touch with you when we have any opening.

CFI/ CFII/ MEI - Senior Instructor

Job description


The incumbent would be responsible for imparting flight training to full time and /or part time students. The person should also ensure that the students clear all their examinations pertaining to the license they have enrolled for. The incumbent should have the ability to instruct all levels of CFI’s and to assist with Ground Instruction if needed, as well as:
  •  Complete initial Instructor Standardization in accordance with FAR 141.79
  • Complete annual recurrent instructor Standardization in accordance with FAR 141
Ensure assigned students are scheduled for stage checks in a timely manner and that the daily activity bid sheet is completed on schedule

Job Requirements

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate and a valid Flight Instructor Certificate with appropriate ratings (CFI, CFII, MEI)
  • Extensive 141 Experience: Approximately 1000 hours of dual given within the last two years
  • Recency of experience in accordance with FAR 61.57
  • Minimum of two years as a flight instructor to include single engine, multi engine and instrument
  • 80% pass rate for all FAA check ride sign offs to include initial CFIA
  • First or Second Medical Certificate
  • Maintain recency in accordance with FAR 61.57 on file with instructor records
  • Remaining current in all procedures and regulations
  • Maintain a minimum 80% pass rate on all stage checks of assigned students
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the Program Manager or Chief Flight Instructor
  • Complete periodic Line Checks/Evaluation Flights as required
  • Must be organized, detail oriented and have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with computer systems and programs including Microsoft Office Suite

Other Requirements

  • Pass Aamro Aviation’s written exam and Flight test
  • Aircraft piloting skills including familiarity with and ability to perform required flight maneuvers and procedures
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply effective instructional technique in the classroom and in flight
  • Knowledge of appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations and University Academic, administrative, operational procedures and requirements
Reporting Manager – Chief Pilot/ Instructor
Location – KLNA/F45 Airport, Florida, USA