How do I get the information on the courses available and the e-brochure?

Please complete the contact us form and submit it. You can also email us at in[email protected] for information on the course and brochure.
If your request is by email, you will need to:

  • Mention the prospective student’s name
  • Mention how you got to know about the school / who recommended our school to you
  • Specify course information you require
  • Alternatively, you may contact our 24/7 chat service and our friendly and professional staff will be more than eager to help you with your questions.

Do I need TOEFL?

TOEFL is not a requirement.

What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in a professional pilot program?

  • You should be medically fit.
  • You should be able to read, write, understand and speak English fluently.
  • You should be at least 15 years of age to commence training
  • Some countries such as India and Nepal require student pilots to be a 10+2 graduate with Physics and Mathematics or equivalent (this will be a factor to consider if you have to convert to one of these country licenses)

When can I start my course?

Flight Training at Aamro Aviation is a self-paced course; you can start on any date at your convenience.

How do I enroll with the school? What are the formalities?

You will need to:

  • Pay the enrollment fees of $500 dollars. This will be adjusted in your course fees after your admission.
  • Complete the application form sent to you in your e-brochure. Once you have done this, you will need to scan and attach the following documents in a single email and send it to [email protected]:
  • Proof of wire transfer of your enrollment fees (This is usually the receipt your bank will give you when you wire transfer) You can also pay online through our encrypted and secure payment gateway. We accept all types of credit and debit cards.
  • Completed application form (available in your e-brochure) or you can fill out the online enrollment form
  • Photo copy of your passport or National Id(driver’s license) if you are a US citizen.

Which bank account do I need to write transfer funds to?

The bank details for the transfer will be sent to you at the time of registration. Please make sure Student’s Full name as indicated in the Passport appears on the wire transfer. Aamro Aviation will not be liable for any applicable wire transfer service charges.

What happens once I have emailed the scanned copies of these documents?

Once we receive these documents and they are in order, your visa pack will be processed and sent to you in the following few days. For US students, a confirmation will be send by email or our office will contact you directly.

What is a visa pack?

Visa pack contains the essential documents required for you to obtain a visa and bank loans if necessary to fund your flight training.

It will have the following documents:

  • Letter of Admission
  • Processed I-20
  • Letter addressed to your banker for loan release (if requested)

How long does it take to get our visa pack?

It takes us a couple of days to process your I-20 and your visa pack after we receive your enrollment documents by email. We courier it to you once we have completed processing your visa pack.

Courier normally takes between five to ten working days (not including weekends and holidays) to deliver the visa pack to you.

Once I have received my visa pack, what do I do next?

You will have to apply for a visa interview date with your local American Consulate or Embassy and organize bank loan if necessary.

What is SEVP I – 901?

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) I-901 is a US government requirement for students aspiring to come to the United States of America for Flight Training. This is mandatory for getting your visa. You will need to show an I-901 receipt to your adjudication officer at your visa interview. Please note that a US Tourist Visa does not allow for flight training.

How do I get one?

This can be done online. Just complete and submit the form available on https://www.fmjfee.com. This site is used to pay the fee required for M non-immigrants. All the instructions are provided on this link.

What is the next step after getting my Visa?

Upon receipt of your visa, you will need to make travel arrangements to arrive prior to course commencement. If you are unable to reach before the commencement date, a new I-20 will have to be issued with a new course start date. A payment of $100 must be made for the same.

Upon receipt of your visa, you will need to complete the initial process of your TSA formality. For details, please click here.

Following this, you will have to make the payment for your course fees.  Please email us the following:

  1. Copy of the proof of wire transfer (Usually the bank receipt)
  2. Details of your arrival – flight number (if travelling by air), arrival time and other relevant details

When and how do I pay the course fees?

The course fees can be paid through a wire transfer and should be received at least 7 days prior to commencement of course or through our credit or debit card payment gateway.

How much is the course fees?

This will depend on the course itself. You can send an enquiry at [email protected] for details on the fee structure for each course.

Can I pay in installments?

Installment options are available for some courses.

Is Aamro partnered with any financial aid programs? If so, where do I find out more information?

Currently, we are partnered with Stratus Financial at both F45 and LNA locations. To find out more information and how to apply for financial aid, please visit their website here Stratus

What is Pre-Departure and Arrival check list?

This check list has all the necessary procedures that should be completed before departure and on arrival. This will be sent to you once you complete payment for your course.

Does the fee of I-901 and TSA go to the flight School?

Aamro Aviation has nothing to do with this formality. It goes to the US government.

Which airport at Florida should I arrive at?

You will need to arrive at Miami International Airport (MIA), Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) or Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)

I would like to take breaks during my course, does this affect the course package?

You can take up to two breaks during your entire course. These breaks should not exceed a period of 15 days. If you need to take a longer break, you will be charged for the additional classes required to train you back to where you left off with the course.

What are the other factors that can affect the course package?

  •  Absenteeism
  •  Non- compliance of school rules
  •  Non completion of assignments given by instructors
  •  Behavioral issues

What are the factors that may prolong my course duration?

The weather and mechanical discrepancies are factors that are not within our control. Flying is heavily dependent on weather conditions. Machines are unpredictable despite having the best maintenance team on board and risk breakdowns. Safety is our utmost priority and hence we strictly do not allow flight lessons when there is even the slightest risk of putting our students and staff in danger’s way. Another cause for delay may the student’s pace of learning. This is purely dependent upon the aptitude of the student.

Do I need an insurance while I am attending the course?

Yes, insurance is mandatory. You must buy your own personal health and accident cover while you are in training as medical treatment is not free.

Are the aircrafts covered by any insurance or do I need to get an insurance that will cover me for accidental damage to aircraft or property?

The aircrafts are fully insured by the school for damage to aircraft or property. In the unlikely event of an accident, you will only be liable to pay the deductible of the insurance.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a portion of a loss that one must pay before the insurance company provides the balance. For example, an aircraft if fully damaged may cost up to $200,000. You do not have to pay this entire amount as this is covered by the insurance. You will be required to however pay the deductible for damage during flight training which can be up to a maximum of $2000. This will be covered in your course fee.

What happens once I reach the airport?

Once you arrive at the airport and have picked up your baggage, you can avail a prepaid taxi to reach the training Center or your accommodation. In case you would require a pickup arranged by us, do let us know in advance to make the arrangements. This would be at an additional charge.

What about the accommodation?

If you have opted for one of the accommodation options suggested by us, then all the arrangements would have already been made. Otherwise you may avail any of the hotel options available online for booking. It is preferable to live somewhere near the training Center as it would cut down on your travel expenses getting from and to the training Center.

How much is the accommodation rental?

Details regarding rental charges will be shared with you via email or on telephone once you have confirmed the hotel you wish to stay at. The rental cost may vary with season. Please contact us for further details.

How can I manage my personal funds while I am in the US?

Once you reach here, we will help you set up a bank account. You may wish to bring traveler’s cheques towards your living expenses at Lantana or Boca Raton and deposit the same in a bank account that we will help you set up after arrival.

How much do I need for my living expenses?

The I-20 gives details about your living expenses.

How much money is required for my food expenses?

This is a variable amount based on your diet. On an average, one can manage food expenses between $200 and $300 a month. However, dining out for most meals will turn out to be expensive.

Can I do my own cooking?

This will depend on the type of accommodation you chose. Apartment style hotels will let you cook your own meals. Local grocery stores will have all that you require for cooking.

How do I commute between the accommodation and training center?

Local transportation is a good option, however commuting by car is recommended. This will give you more mobility and flexibility with respect to your class schedule as well as sight-seeing.

Is there a uniform that I will have to wear?

Not mandatory. However, the students can opt to wear a uniform of white shirt (half sleeves) and black trousers. Students should carry their student ID at all times.