Career Options in the Aviation Industry

If you are an aviation student, you have multiple career options to choose from. This includes pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants. Colleges, universities and aviation schools prepare their students for a career in one of these aviation fields. Visit Aamro Aviation

Becoming A Pilot:

The first career option that pops into our mind when we think of aviation is pilot. A pilot specializes in the aircraft they fly like airplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes, balloons, gliders, airships etc. There are hundreds of aviation school in the United States of America that helps local, national and international students in their flight or pilot training and building a career in the same. These flight schools have highly skilled pilots and instructors to train you in flying commercial Airbus planes to crop dusting, banner pulling as well as private tours and air taxis.

Heavy DUTY – Aviation Mechanics:

With more than 170 Federal Aviation Administration certified schools to teach aviation mechanics to students, it is a positively acclaimed career choice. As an aviation mechanic, a student is trained to repair, service and inspect aircraft engines, landing gears, instruments, pressurized sections, accessories, brakes, valves, pumps, air conditioning systems etc. As an aviation mechanic, a student is expected to lift heavy weights as aircraft engines and parts are generally heavy.

Always Alert – Air Traffic Controllers:

Only with the help of an air traffic controller, the pilots can safely fly, land and take off their planes. As an air traffic controller, you must be good at multitasking, detail-oriented and alert at all times. In this field, you can choose to become a controller for tower local, terminal radar, tower flight data, ground, clearance delivery, en-route and radar associate. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a vast majority of air traffic controllers are employed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Fancy Flight Attendants:

As a flight attendant, you become the face of the airline along with the pilot. You’re primarily responsible for the passengers’ safety in case of an emergency along with passing information about safety procedures before takeoff and assisting passengers to exit the plane in case of an emergency landing. Your responsibilities also include the passengers’ comfort and in-flight experience is top notch. Serving drinks and snacks, distributing pillows and blankets, providing in-flight entertainment to the passengers etc. are some of the other job requirements. In some countries, a high school degree is sufficient to study this Aviation courses in USA and begin your career in the aviation industry.

Apart from these popular career choices in the aviation industry, you can also choose to become an aviation engineer, sales representative, ticket agents, ground and ramp workers etc.
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