Become a Successful Pilot With Aamro Aviation

With a vision to become the best Pilot Training School in the United States of America, Aamro Aviation helps uphold and advance the highest standards of Aviation among aspiring Pilots.

With Aamro Aviation, an individual has the choice to become a Commercial pilot or even fly for leisure. We provide excellent facilities, equipment, and expert instructors to help every student fly with finesse and expertise. A Pilot trained from Aamro Aviation is highly ethical, disciplined and most importantly passionate about flying.

Aamro Aviation aims to mold aspiring students into responsible and skilled pilots. We realize that individuals are different and so is their learning style. With this thought realized, Aamro Aviation Experts trains students with new technologies, equipment, and training methods. Our expert trainers have cross-cultural and cross-generational skills to engage with students from all generations.

Diamond Aircrafts are carefully chosen and procured specifically for student training by Aamro Aviation. These aircrafts’ key qualities are excellent performance, top quality build, technical refinement and visual charm. In short, these aircraft are built to be champions. All the aircrafts at Aamro Aviation are IFR Certified with latest health status provided for each. At Aamro Aviation, safety and quality of the aircraft are given the highest priority. Our aircraft is subjected to inspection every 100 hours and are compliant with the necessary inspections. We ensure that our students are given the comfort and quality tools to achieve their dreams.

The fleet at Aamro Aviation consists of DA20s, DA40s, and a DA42.

The DA20s are sturdy, safe, reliable and with a cutting-edge design that has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the student has a beautiful panoramic view while Pilot training in USA.

The DA40s are an innovative and state-of-the-art design combined with a Garmin 430 and a 530 and Garmin 1000 for exceptional navigational guidance. Add to that excellent safety, best flight qualities, robustness and very high reliability making it one of the most preferred choices of aircraft for student pilot training across the world. US Air force trains their cadets on Diamond Aircrafts and hence we too emphasize on the best for our students.

The DA42 comes equipped with a G1000 glass cockpit, which means critical information is always at your fingertips and it improves situational awareness apart from various other safety advantages. You will never want to train in another flight after having experienced the beauty of the DA42.

In the United States of America, there is a rising demand for qualified pilots. By completing your pilot training with Aamro Aviation, you have the chance to become the most sought-after pilot and access to the best Job Opportunities across the globe.

Tips to Complete Aviation Training in the USA

The dream to become a pilot is glamourous and highly achievable, however but the process to become a pilot can be exhausting at times without the right resources and guidance. In this blog, we will try to give you some tips and requirements to become a commercial pilot in the Top aviation academy in USA .

A Career in Aviation:

Some students want to commence their career as a pilot whereas some want to work in a vigorous industry. The aviation industry provides every student with many aviation degree options like flying, aviation maintenance, aviation management, air traffic control etc. You must understand and know what it is that you want to pursue ahead. As they say “You need to have a passion in order to be successful”. Once you know what stream you wish to pursue, the next step is to choose your flight school.

Choose Your Aviation School:

To get a degree in aviation and flying, the first step is to choose the college or flight school where you want to study. Important factors to consider are the location of the flight school, various aviation degrees they provide, the fleet they use for training and extra-curricular activities conducted by the flight school. Look for the flagship programs in different flight school websites to understand the relevance of the course to your career choice. It is of utmost importance to choose a location that has good flying condition most days of the year. Else, this will adversely affect your estimated time of course completion and lead to unnecessary added costs.

Research and Complete Your Application:

Every flight school will have their own procedure for student application processing. Some flight schools require their students to take a test in English language. Passing this test will make them eligible to take up the course. You will also require a financial statement as a proof to put you through the flight school. International students can apply for aviation programs and flying lessons online via their websites. These online applications process quickly. You may have to pay a standard application processing fee via a payment method like debit/ credit cards, net banking etc. You can also print the application form and send the completed version via mail but the processing of such forms takes a longer time. You may also have to worry about the mail getting lost!

Be an Early Bird:

Flight schools will have different deadlines for submitting applications ranging from a year to a few months before the semester begins. By applying early, you have a better chance of getting accepted by the school and you may also get a scholarship or discount on your tuition fee. By applying at the last minute, the competition increases and you may sabotage your chances of getting into the university.

Aamro Aviation Flight School allows you to schedule a call for career guidance and also provide self-paced courses where you have the liberty to start the course on any date at your convenience.

Benefits of Instrument Rating for the Pilot

While the Instrument Rating process for pilots is an absolute necessity and a prerequisite for the Airline transport pilot licence, there are still pilots who are on the fence as to whether or not the rating is worthwhile. This includes pilots who have been relying on VFR or visual flight rules during their training.
Instrument Flying basically means navigating the aircraft solely using the instruments present in the cockpit. Instrument Rating comes into play when the pilot is flying under IFR or Instrument Flight Rules and is unable to use external visual cues and references for e.g. flying through the clouds or during bad weather.

Getting an instrument rating done not only helps you avoid getting stuck on the ground during rough weather conditions but also makes you a better pilot. Here’s why:

Increased Accuracy and Confidence:

Enhanced knowledge about instruments helps you precisely manage altitude, heading and airspeed. This will boost your confidence while flying through bad weather conditions.

Opening Up Better Job Opportunities:

Pilots with Instrument Rating are preferred by employers over others.

Affordable and Effective Training:

The price that will cost you to become a skilful pilot is surprisingly affordable!

Improved Understanding of Weather Conditions:

The comprehensive training helps you better predict weather conditions like icing and thunderstorm activity.
One of the organizations offering Instrument Training is the Dubai based Aviation Company Provider, AAMRO. They are known globally for producing qualified, skilled and responsible pilots. AAMRO Aviation is run by highly trained professionals with decades worth of experience in logistics and aviation.

Why Diamond Aircraft is the best choice for Aviation training?

The answer is simple. Safety! We choose Diamond Aircraft because they are safer than their aluminum counterparts are. These aircrafts have the best safety record in the world today. The features of these aircrafts cannot be compared to aircrafts built a decade ago. They have the strongest safety record in the industry. Diamond Aircrafts are exhilarating to fly, with responsive controls, comfortable cockpits and impeccable performance. With Safety, great handling qualities, stability, responsiveness, excellent runway and climb performance, they are fast, yet fuel efficient, quiet, smooth and forgiving. This makes diamond aircrafts best for Pilot training. The best aviation schools across the globe would have Diamonds in their fleet.

Aviation Consumer Used Aircraft Guide, February 2008, put it quite well:

“As a company, Diamond has one of the most remarkable safety records in all of light aircraft general aviation. In our last in-depth review of accident trends in our September 2006 issue Diamond’s fatal average was a remarkable 0.16/100,000 flight hours, compared to 1.2/100,000 for the GA fleet. Over the years, we have noticed that Diamond airplanes show little tendency toward post-crash fires. In fact, we have not been able to find any significant fires in Diamond airplanes, which we find to be a remarkable record due in part to the airplane’s design. We think Diamond can rightly claim the best safety record in light aircraft GA.”

Diamond aircrafts are the safest in their class with an incredible overall accident rate of about just one sixth of the general aviation average. They are the first to introduce Diesel piston singles and twins. With Austro Engine, they have developed eco-friendly, fuel-saving and powerful aircraft diesel engines. All the Diamond Aircrafts are fuel-efficient thus saving money.

No other aviation manufacturers across the globe can offer fuel efficient, time saving and quality assuring aircrafts like Diamond Aircrafts.